The Primer

Building A Beacon to Signal Alien Life


The Cipher:  Polygons

Mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss suggested that if Aliens exist, they would use Geometry to communicate. The North pole of Saturn 6th planet has a 6-sided Hexagon.  Jupiter's poles boast an Octagon on the North pole and a Pentagon on the South, 5th/8 planets.  To level the Earth up we have planned to build a Beacon.  Each of 3 Tesla Towers on the South pole will draw energy from the high polar magnetic flux into a base of batteries below - powering a living space and community of workers.  The Triangle of 3 towers will be connected by a railway lit on the tracks, spanning the Antarctic.


How Long Will it Take?

Who Will Pay?

What Tech Will be Used?

We estimate that to plan, coordinate, build a Beacon and establish Contact with Alien Races may take on the order of 50-100 years.

Each year of the journey will bring new ideas, exploration, publication, rethinking and re-exploration.  We will need personnel and resources, perhaps in the value of trillions of dollars given the difficulty of building in the South Pole Antarctic region.

In order to fund research and building we have created a token, $PRIM.  21 Billion tokens have been minted.  The majority of the tokens will be sold to the public to fund research and building.  1 Billion $PRIM are to go to the founder, Paul Hallelujah, with full vesting the first year, then 5% released per year.  No more than 1 Billion $PRIM will be released per year.  The majority of the monies received and generated by The Primer and its token will be applied towards the research and building of The Beacon for Alien Contact.  No warranties are hereby presented.  Invest at your own risk, according to local applicable laws and statutes.

We've filed patents for improved Resonant Transformers based on the designs of Nikola Tesla.

The Primer is offering its crypto token to members of the general public of legal age.  Investment funds at this stage will be applied to prototype and manufacture a patent-pending component of the Beacon Train, the Maxle.


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